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Prayer List

Items & People we can be praying for this week

  • January 20, 2021

  • You can also submit prayer requests on the website by going to www.foremanbaptist.com and clicking on Prayer Request or by using the SUBMIT button below this list.

Thanksgiving & Praises




Healing needs – Church Family

Protection from COVID & other illnesses

Medical Needs:

Michelle Bledsoe – COVID 1/10 CB

Carl Bledsoe – (neg.) quarantined until 1/23

Bobbie Kendrick – Treatments/COVID 1/2021KH

John McKinney – eye surgery 1/4/21 MM

Rex Nordeen – (neg.) quarantined 1/11

Donna Robinson - (neg.) quarantined

Phillip Tucker – consult in Augusta on seizures (1/21)


Keep on Prayer List:

June Cofer

Irene Hawley – Treatments in 1/2021 MM Dec. 2020

Steve & Bunny Raper

Billy Joe Sprouse

Lucille Stallings

Linda Sumner

J. V. Wynn

All Seniors, Caregivers & Families

Healing Needs - Extended Family & Friends/Conditions:

Lucas fights Leukemia (2017 to present) Sarah S.

Irene Bush’s husband

Scott Dabney & son – more tests; 1/10, Prov. Hosp. AH

Ruth Griffin – Shannon’s grandmother MM

David Hinson (Al’s brother) – cancer 10/4

Mikal Patterson – Pastor Matt’s mom, meeting 1/13-14

     about liver. 12/13 MM

Barron Seawright – Pacemaker procedure 1/14 @ 10:30;

    Shannon’s grandfather, 1/13 MM

Kathy Vargo – cancer; out of hospital KM 1/13

Don Whitner – cancer

 Spiritual Needs

New Members & Visitors

All COVID/COVID-concerned Seniors


Church Leadership:

Pastor Matt, Shannon & Family

Ministry Assistant

Deacons, Trustees

Sunday School Teachers/Leaders

All Committees

Sanctuary Renovation/B&G Committee

  Renovations began 10/27; funding to come

  in & pray for all workers coming to FMBC.


Youth Ministry – Matt & Lorraine

Women on Mission

Pray for New Families to come

Aiken Baptist Association

Other Needs:

First BC of Jedburg – Wendy’s aunt & uncle’s

    church closed due to COVID 12/13; reopening

    January 17.

FBC Cowpens – burned down 12/26/2020

Schools - Students, Teachers & Parents

Our Community and other local churches

Our Country & Leaders

Peace in our State & Country; 1/20 Inauguration


Family of David Watkins 1/12/21

Family of Wanda Tucker’s Brother-in-law, 1/10

Family of Donna Jones – 12/31/20; Karen Hutson’s

     co-worker. Remember husband, Jeff. KH 12/31

You can also submit prayer requests on the website by using the SUBMIT button below this list.