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Prayer List

Items & People we can be praying for this week

Prayer Concerns

December 1, 2021

FMBC Family


Thanksgiving & Praises


Shoebox Ministry – collected 70 boxes

Earl Carter – Voice much better! 11/28 WG

Sarah Stephens – Surgery done 11/24; went well; moved

    from New Ellenton. WG 11/29






 Hospital/Rehab Facility:

Greg Baker – ARMC 11/3

Wanda Tucker – NHC North Augusta 11/11

    Birthday 11/27

Upcoming/Recent Procedures/Treatments:




Irene Hawley – Having many appointments.

   needs our prayers. (WG)


Al Hinson – Better; continue to pray for strength. WG

Bobbie Kendrick – treatments continue

Larry McClain

James Parrish – running tests

Steve & Bunny Raper

Billy Joe Sprouse

Linda Sumner

Phillip Tucker


All Seniors, Caregivers & Families



Church Leadership:

Earl Carter, Interim Pastor

Al Hinson, Music Ministry

Deacons, Trustees, Ministry Assistant

Sunday School Teachers/Leaders

All Committees

  Pastor Search Committee

     Kay, Jeffrey, Geraldyne, Mark, Lorraine & David

  Constitution & By-Laws/Church Op. Manual







Shirley Lunsford – Al’s friend/had Alzheimer’s, 11/5

Jeffrey Chapkin – Sarah’s step-bro; COVID pneumonia/coma

   age 37, Passed away recently. Sarah Stephens – 11/7

Betty Temple – Former FMBC member – 11/12



Hospital/Rehab Facility:



Upcoming/Recent Procedures/Treatments:

Al Hinson’s brother – heart cath. 11/3

Teresa Koon – Drs Hospital, friend of AH 10/20



Lela – 8-year-old daughter (of Charlie) having seizures; went to Boston in 9/2021. RN 9/7

Scott Dabney – AH 8/18 has good & bad days

Mark Dorman – cousin of Scott Dabney AH 9/20

Stacy Hinson & his father, Homer Hinson

    COVID-19 in Kershaw County, AH 10/20

Alvin Lunsford – Alzheimer’s, friend of AH, lost wife 11/5

Jerry Toole – wife passed 10/27

Fay Vickey – Mid-Valley BC/Cancer AH 9/29


Other Concerns:

Aiken Baptist Association, New DOM search

Schools - Students, Teachers & Parents

Our community/other local churches/pastors

Our Country, State & Leaders

Grant Ensley (Jennifer’s son)

Missionaries to Haiti – The Haitian gang that kidnapped the

   17 hostages is known as 400 Mawozo and is demanding $17 million

   for their release.  2 have been released as of 11/28. KH

Aiken Standard Ad to run 12/3 for 3 months on Fri. & Sat.

   Pray for it to reach others and that we will be prepared.

Summer Wells – child missing in TN since June, 2021, KH


Pray for our Missions:

Wed. Youth Class – Matt & Lorraine/children-Kay M.

WMU/Adults on Mission

Christmas Dinner – Dec. 11, 5 pm

Online Request:

From “AG” 11/22/2021: Please, pray for Jason and his family’s salvation. Jason doesn’t believe God exists nor that belief in Jesus is needed. Furthermore, pray for his job. Also, pray for me to follow God’s direction. Thank you!

 Also, pray for me to follow God’s direction. Thank you!